Logos Communication and Signalisation

Within the framework of the DEMARRAGE project the Rhine Cycle Route has become part of the EuroVelo network of international cycle routes. An important aim of the project is to improve the communication of the Rhine Cycle Route brand for a growing and commercially very interesting public that is open to cross-border cycle tours.


To help achieve this aim, the existing signing used for communication and signalisation for the Rhine Cycle Route in the individual countries will be supplemented by the new international Rhine Cycle Route signing. It contains the name Rhine Cycle Route, the number 15 (EuroVelo-Route 15) and the European Union's circle of stars to denote its international dimension.


Please note that the four German Bundesländer make use of different logo versions. Next to the EuroVelo 15 symbol, North-Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate as well as some parts of Baden-Württemberg advertise the Rhine Cycle Route with the RheinRadler. On the contrary, Hessen and parts of Baden-Württemberg exclusively make use of the Euro Velo 15 symbol. Feel free to contact demarrage(at)euregio.org in case you are uncertain which logo is the correct one.

EV 15 Logos Communication EPS-Files

EV 15 Logos Communication JPG-Files

EV 15 Logos Signalisation EPS-Files

EV 15 Logos Signalisation JPG-Files

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