DEMARRAGE - The Rhine Cycle Route

Developing the transnational economic potential embedded in the territorial assets of the Rhine corridor - this was the overall aim of the INTERREG IV B project "DEMARRAGE".


In order to achieve this goal, the project team designed an organisational framework to jointly handle the Rhine Cycle Route, implemented a marketing program and initiated business cooperation between Small and medium enterprises belonging to the tourism sector on transnational scale.

The DEMARRAGE partnership covered the corridor's full geography and all relevant stakeholder disciplines to further develop the potential of the Rhine. The growing market of long-distance cycling opened up new opportunities for a build-up of capabilities in the regions along the Rhine, particularly in tourism and the hotel industry.


Beforehand, there was no common market cultivation in this specific area by the regions of the Rhine corridor. And that is where the motivation for DEMARRAGE accrued from, intending to promote transnational cooperation and generate added value for regional entrepreneurs as well as for tourists.


The project was successfully completed on January 31st, 2015.

Veer Merwede bij Woudrichem  Ad Snelderwaard
Veer Merwede bij Woudrichem Ad Snelderwaard
Bew. Rijndijk Amerongen 2  Ad Snelderwaard
Bew. Rijndijk Amerongen Ad Snelderwaard
Arnhem en de Rijn  Ad Snelderwaard
Arnhem en de Rijn Ad Snelderwaard
Radler Rheinweg Bad Breisig
Radler Rheinweg Bad Breisig
Rheinradweg St. Goar
Rheinradweg St. Goar
Rheinradweg RLP_Bingen
Rheinradweg Bingen
Strasbourg Vèloroute Rhin
Rheinradweg Schweiz
Rhein-Route4 Schweiz
Rheinradweg Schweiz
Rhein-Route2 Schweiz

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